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Dimri Bar


I am Dimri Bar, 27, originally from Safed. Been living in Tel Aviv for over five years

Tour guide for 3 years

I love to explore the culinary world in Israel and abroad, whether in markets or in chef’s restaurants

About two years ago I started modeling!

I left a career as a publicist and decided to make a change and focus on the things I love best, such as singing, acting and the world of culinary, and what’s more fun if not, to introduce people to this rich and exciting world in

markets that include delicious and special foods.

Waiting to meet you soon

Natali Kaplushnik


I’m Natali Kaplushnik, 30, live in Tel Aviv.

I discovered my passion for the culinary world at an early age in my mother’s kitchen.

Trying various recipes from Italian to Syrian cuisine, baking and cooking made me fall in love with the market place.

For more than a decade I have been working in the restaurant business in different roles. And in the last four years in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is my great love. There’s everything here!

From fresh ingredients to chef restaurants, varied Israeli alcohol, entertainment venues, museums, graffiti, coffee shops and most importantly special people. And I’d love to introduce them to you.

See you on a tour.

Tamuz Kolber


I’m Tamuz Kolber, 29, Tel Aviv.

A consultant for a healthy lifestyle, a student of Naturopathy and an enthusiastic proponent of proper nutrition and physical activity as a way of life.

Today, the market for me represents affluence, Vegetables of all colors and varieties at a reasonable price, herbs for every possible old school remedys and countless trendy bars and restaurants.

See you in the markets (:

Yarden Harel


Yarden Harel, 31, Tel-Aviv.

Originally from the north of Israel, currently I live in the Yemenite quarter of Tel Aviv.

After learning and working in the field of communications I decided to do what I love most – to travel and meet people!

The flavors and colors of the market are more then familiar to me as I currently live within the Yemenite Quarter which offers a unique and addicting village-like atmosphere. Our experiential tours manage to surprise even me

every day.

Come on. What a thrill!

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